All you may need is a car wrap. Why? Check it out

Car wrapping is a practice of partially or completely covering a car’s or other vehicle’s original body paint with a special vinyl wrap with a customized design, different color or sometimes the same color but with different finish, like matte, gloss or with a protective layer.


The first example of a car vinyl treatment is dated for 1950s and it was performed in Los Angeles, by Newhouse Automotive Industries. The first wraps were completely different from the ones we have now. At the beginning of that business, the most popular was a spot treatment. It included putting single parts of vinyl over the car’s doors, roof and sometimes interior elements.

As you can see, vehicle wrapping and putting on some stickers and decals are pretty old methods of refreshing car’s look, but they weren’t very popular until a few years ago.

The highest popularity of wrapping appears in the business environment, where the employers and their employees use company’s cars to promote their services everywhere they move. It is really great medium for advertisement for every business. Wrapping designs contain colors, images, slogans and with the professional apply you can share the most important information to the people anywhere you go.

It is an easy and comfortable way of adding some stuff to the general look of a vehicle. Sometimes all you need is putting on some phone number (e.g. on a scooter that is used to deliver food from your restaurant) or few dynamic shapes or stripes (e.g. on your sport car). Sometimes you want more changes and you need to change the whole color of your private vehicle or want to put on your commercial truck the whole, catchy design to gain more attention from people or the road. Everything depends on you and everything can be done. Car wrapping is much better than permanent painting solution, because after some time, you can easily remove all vinyl from the vehicle’s body and put a new one or just leave it the old way.


Well, there are three main reasons why people choose to wrap their cars instead of painting them. Firstly wrapping lets you personalize the look of your vehicle exactly how you want, you can even design your own project and give it to the professionals to put it on the car’s preview and setup it to print. Secondly, it gives you an extra paint protection, that may be very useful. And thirdly, it is not permanent, so you can get rid of it as it gets old.


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