What can we learn about car wrapping industry in 2018?

We found it pretty interesting to take a closer look how did the popularity of car wrapping has been growing since 2004. We started our journey with car wrapping in the time it was becoming visibly more popular. So did many companies. It was the best time for learning new things, implementing new solutions and strategies for businesses and personal projects. All of this let us, and many other companies who does car wrapping grow in the right directions for the future.

Massive growth of interest in car wrapping in search engines (mainly Google) happened in 2012. As you can see below, ever since that moment, it rapidly went up and the tendency stays pretty high.

Not every search term is as popular as simple “vinyl wrap”, but every each of them constantly goes up. It gives us a chance to achieve big things in that industry and help customers achieve their goals in the easiest and the most effective way.

A big portion of knowledge

During all these years, there’s been many occasions to learn new things about wrapping industry. One of the most important things is fact that it constantly grows and people are looking for the most interesting offers and services that will fit their needs. One of the reasons why it keeps going up is succeed that customers achieve thanks to vehicle customization – getting to wider range of people, gaining more interest from the environment and making all promotion activities much easier. It makes them come back for more and it also makes other business owners want the same.

As we said before, all keywords are growing, but not at the same rates. They are an essential element of a digital marketing, and regular analysis let us predict the future and see a difference between significant parts of the industry.

What’s more, as you can see on the image below, depending on a region, there is a different keyword that’s the most popular in Google search. While in the USA, Australia, India, Southern part of Africa and Netherlands people look for “vinyl wraps”, people from Western and Central Europe and Indonesia will rather type “car wrapping” to find what they need. So everything depends on the part of the world.

Another interesting thing that we have learned so far is that there are some types of cars that are wrapped the most often. We can describe them as small vehicles. Despite that, in the previous years we noticed growth of number of semi-trucks and pickups between the group of clients. It means that more and more people realize that car customization (full-wrap or partial wrap) is effective and easy way of self-advertisement or interesting update of the general look of the vehicle. This is what we are trying to teach people. Vinyl design on any car is the best option of promotion, because you can take it with you everywhere you go, and the best appearance change method because you can change it or take it away anytime you want, without much effort.

While looking for interesting wrapping offers, people usually focus on prices and guides. It is very hard to set and publish a good pricing list for vehicle wraps, because it all depend on a car size, type of a design, type of the wrap itself and many, many other components. That is why the best method to get an approximate price is to ask for a quote.

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